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           Good News

                 Want an Electric Lawn Tractor?

                          Convert your Gas tractor to Electric!

             Plans and instructions are available now 
       We received increased interest in conversion kits from gas lawn tractors to electric,
 possibly because of the economy situation and the high price tag or none existance of electric
lawn tractors we have decided to make conversion plans and instructions available to convert
your gas tractor to electric,


      One problem with conversion kits is the high startup costs of stocking, packing and shipping
all the parts required to assemble the kits, this would require extremely large volume of sales to
make it cost affective and to be able to sell to you at a reasionable price,
Present Design

        This design was developed and perfected over several years with a huge effort being made
to make it as inexpensive to manufacture as possible and yet still be state of the art in design
operation and effiencency in order to compete in price with the high volume pricing of gas lawn
 tractors, even with this relatively low cost design it would need an investment of millions of dollars
 to manufacturer a small run of say 250 tractors, it would only get cheaper when the volumes
 increase to the thousands of units per year as with gas tractors, we could find no one willing to
 invest this kind of money!

 Conversion Plans and Instructions

         Until we can get some electric tractors out there for people to use and realize just how good
 they really are, we have decided to develop special plans that the handyman can use to convert a
gas tractor to battery power,

        The package contains drawings, photos, suppliers and instructions for you to convert
your gas tractor to the same high quality design as our original prototype tractor developed in
2003, this prototype, pictured at the top of our website, is still in excellent running condition and
has been used on a daily basis for the last 8 years with only very minor problems, no gas, no oil,
 no belts, no pollution, and almost no maintenance,
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