Plans only

the Plans are For a 42" Tractor that can handle ground contact equipment
We received increased interest in conversions from gas lawn tractors to electric, 

possibly because of the economy situation and the high price tag or non-existence of electric lawn tractors we have decided to make conversion plans  as well as kits available to convert your gas tractor to electric.
the Kits are for a 42" riding mower that can cut grass and pull a small trailer but not heavy enough for groung contact equipment     
  kits available for a 42" riding mower see the "kits" page!

Plans Design
This design was developed and perfected over several years with a huge effort being made to make it as inexpensive to manufacture as possible and yet still be a state of the art design operation and provide efficiency in order to compete in price with the high volume pricing of gas lawn tractors.  Even with this relatively low cost design it would need an investment of millions of dollars  to manufacturer a small run of say 250 tractors, it would only get cheaper when the volumes  increase to the thousands of units per year as with gas tractors, we could find no one willing to invest this kind of money!

Conversion Plans and Instructions

Until we can get some electric tractors out there for people to use and realize just how good they really are, we have decided to develop special plans that the handyman can use to convert a gas tractor to battery power.

The package contains drawings, photos, suppliers and step-by-step instructions for you to convert your gas tractor to the same high quality design as our original prototype tractor developed in 2000, this prototype, pictured at the top of our website, is still in excellent running condition and
has been used on a daily basis for the last 15 years with only very minor problems, no gas, no oil, no belts, no pollution, and almost no maintenance.


What is suitable to convert?

The ideal tractor to convert will be a 42” 2 blade belly mounted deck with the common 18” x 9.5” x 8"  or 20" x 10" x 8" rear tires, this includes most of the popular tractors on the market over the last 10 years.

Example Poulan Pro model PR17542ST or HUSQVARNA model YTKH1542XPA

The small amount of welding required to install the battery boxes in the tractor frame could be done by your local welding shop,

Plans have easy step-by-step instructions referenced with numbered pictures to match the skill level of most handymen.

Free email support for any other questions.


The satisfaction of building this tractor yourself that you can use every day for very little cost and almost no maintenance is very gratifying, it is also fun to build and will impress the neighbors.


Electric Lawn Tractor - Smart Features       

The tractor direction and speeds are controlled by a hand control lever on the right fender, a foot pedal could also be used.

Since the power take off is a low voltage heavy duty electrical outlet, all attachments including the cutter deck just plug into the tractor’s PTO outlet.  There are no belts, pulleys, springs, levers, etc.  Should you wish to remove an attachment, eg. mower deck,  all you do is unplug it, then remove it from the tractor.  No belts, pulleys, springs to bother with or wear out!


Use no more gas to mow your lawn! We offer a reliable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional gas ride mowers.
No more trips to the gas station!  No more gas storage, gas spills, checking oil, oil changes, spark plugs or starting worries!

Refueling is as simple as plugging a cord into the tractor’s charging receptacle, the rest is done automatically by the Smart Charger! it even shuts off when the batteries are fully charged, so they can never be overcharged.  Once the charging plug is connected to the tractor, the tractor is disabled, and nothing can be operated until the plug is removed. 

Tractors: Specifications       

Power Source

4 x 12V Deep cycle rechargeable batteries


1 electric transaxle c/w motor to drive wheels
 2 independent electric cutter motors

Up to 2 acres of grass per charge depending on conditions of grass.
Approx. 1 acre per hour
Approx. 10 hrs. continuous without attachment
Can pull box or small boat trailer

42" side discharge

Fully automatic.  Just plug in to any 120V AC outlet then forget it!  The Smart Charger checks the 
battery condition then charges accordingly.  When the battery is fully charged it switches off! 
Recharge in approx 4-6 hrs, can be used on less than a full charge if required.
A 48V inverter could be plugged into the tractor batteries for 120V
AC power for power tools or emergency backup power eg. gas furnace, oil furnace, freezer etc.

Hand lever or Foot pedal controls forward or reverse speeds.
Deceleration, braking is automatic.
Foot pedal brake is also provided,
Deceleration and braking are automatic

Automatic parking brake applies when you get off,
Fully automatic, electronic
Plus many more advantages

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